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Your position: Home / Audio/HiFi accessories / Audio tubes / Hifi tubes

Hook installation filament technology, LINLAI 211-DG, LINLAI 845-DG, LINLAI 805-DG tube,hifi tube,211DG, 845DG, 805DG (one pair)

The latest product, hook installation filament technology, power tube; completely change the fans' knowledge of 845, 211, 805 power tubes /Provide accurate pairing
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Notes:  Price = one pair (exquisite gift box packaging)

Hook filament (first in the world) / silver tube base / open hole anode           

Tube enthusiasts are welcome  --------  211-DG, 845-DG, 805A-DG

1. LINLAI spent significant amount of efforts to overcome the technical difficulties in ‘overhung filament’ design and created the DG series. DG – in Chinese, means ‘overhung filament’.

2. Among tube manufacturers and audiophiles it appears to have a consensus that: A metal plate tube by default will sound more dynamic and transparent than a graphite plate tube; and when same plate materials are used, a ‘overhung filament’ design by default will sound more delicate and refined than other filament design.

3. 845-DG, 211-DG and 805A-DG are made with graphite plate and overhung filament

Another uniqueness of this ‘overhung filament’ model:

The large graphite plate has 3 side holes to let tube glow out. If you are a fan of 845 tube glowing, this is a great tube to look at while enjoying your tunes!

The sound of Lin Lai's new work ----- Hook series power tube is available!

1. As we all know, like the same type of bile duct, the metal screen is more transparent than the graphite screen. The same structure, the process of fixing the filament with a spring is not as fine as the sound of the process of installing the filament with the hook. It is true!

2. Looking at the 845, 211, 805 bile ducts currently in existence and in production in the world, basically all use graphite screen or metal screen plus spring hook to fix the filament installation process. Now the 845, 211, 805 bile ducts with graphite screen or metal screen plus hook filament structure

3. The process of fixing the filament by the hook is a very complicated and extremely difficult production process. Because of his installation fulcrum and the height of the gap, the width and parallelism of the left and right sides are very particular, the hardness, rebound strength, extension and expansion coefficient of the hook material are more related to metal materials and theoretical mechanics. A little carelessness is a waste product, and it is certainly not an exaggeration to say that the yield rate is one in ten! Generally, the same type of bile ducts basically adopt the process of fixing the filament with a spring hook, and the high-end boutique only uses the process of installing the filament with the fulcrum of the hook. The price of the finished product is far from the two, as many as dozens of times

4. The 845-DG, 211-DG and 805A-DG use traditional graphite screens, with three heat dissipation windows on each side of the screen, which has extremely high heat dissipation and thermal stability. The electron emission capability and working life are also greatly enhanced. For the first time, the technology of fixing the filament with a hook is adopted, so that the filament in the working state is relaxed and the sound is more transparent. In order to reproduce the magnificent sound field and atmosphere, the outer diameter of the glass bulb is increased, and the top is supported by a ring-shaped mica sheet to fix the die.

Experienced players' evaluation of the 845-DG test and listening experience

1. Tested with the electron tube test scanner imported from Germany: at a high voltage of 1000 volts, a screen current of 80 mA, and a screen consumption of 80 watt-hours. Main parameters: when the degree of distortion is greater than 1%: output power of 20 watts, signal-to-noise ratio of 97 db, tube white The noise is 0.01 millivolts.

2. Suggestion:
    When using single-ended output power tube: Screen voltage selection 950-1000v, screen current is adjusted to 60 to 70 mA, screen consumption is controlled at about 60 to 70 watts, load impedance 5k-7k is the most reasonable, sound Preferably, the output power is about 16 watts. After the parameter measurement is completed and aging is stable for 48 hours, the 845 bile duct of this new hook filament is compared with other high-end 845 turns on the machine. Although the parameters of the hook filament and the spring hanging filament measured on the instrument are basically the same, but the sound But there is a big difference. In order to understand what is called "cosmetic facelift", what is called "natural beauty"! Although the traditional 845 bile ducts have different timbre and hearing sense, perhaps the "body" will show gorgeousness, but the feeling is all the gorgeousness of "complete adjustment". As soon as the hook filament 845-DG comes on stage, it gives a real, elegant, real, amiable, and refined atmosphere. Fresh, peaceful natural beauty, accurate notes, a relaxed playing technique, as if it can be seen through the calendar, the aftertones and overtones that point to the end, the calm and calm performance style is breathtaking! If the traditional old 845 generally has low frequencies that are too stable, the mid-frequency lines are slightly less masculine, and the high frequencies are slightly "introverted", this 845 body is swept away. Many tube amplifier enthusiasts like the unique high-frequency of 300B and WE212 with "squeaky" and "squeaky sound". The 845 is more than that, but it is more mature, stable and pleasant. Can't stop. And the 300B low-frequency feet are soft, the frequency distribution is uneven, and the lack of confidence is swept away by him! It can be considered that the sound of the 845 bile duct is very similar to 300B, but the bloodline is flowing with the stability of the royal family, the atmosphere, the noble temperament, and it is more resistant to hearing than 300B and WE212.

     After passing the 845 test parameters of this model of metal screen hook filament and comparing it on the machine, my personal conclusion is: this is the best one I have heard of all the various models of 845. In particular, enthusiasts who like to play 300B and WE212 bile ducts can finally find an ideal sound path.
----Mr. Huang (senior engineer, senior audio appraiser, chief engineer of a famous foreign audio company)

The launch of Lin Lai hook series power tubes will completely change the cognition of 845, 211, 805 power tubes among fans! People-friendly prices, stable quality, luxurious listening,Such a good tube is worth having!

About after-sales and warranty:
1. All LIN LAI tubes purchased from EECTECH can get a formal warranty. The warranty is 12 months; and free factory matching is provided.


For delivery time: 
Generally, we will dispatch the items within 10 days upon order confirmation; some items may need 20~30 days to get ready for delivery, then we will try our best to dispatch as soon as possible, or we will contact you and offer advice.

For Bulk order: 
If you would like to place a bulk order, please contact us for better price and better delivery cost.
Average rating: 5.0 based on 56 reviews
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