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Your position: Home / After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Problem Details Warranty Time Treatment Responsibility for Charge
Quality Problem  Within 7 days after  receiving package  Buyer: Submit a complaint to seller (eMail to eectech@msn.com )
 Return the items in original conditions to Seller after seller confirmed
 Return Ship cost: Seller
 Resend ship cost: Seller
 Seller: exchange a new one after the defective return received.
 (Returned items must be in new condition with original package & accessories.)
 Repair Charge: Seller
 Replace Parts Charge: Seller
 From 8th days to 1 year    after receiving package  Buyer: Submit a complaint and (after seller confirmed) Return the items to Seller for  repairing  Return Ship cost: Buyer
 Resend ship cost: Seller
 Seller: Repair it and send it back to buyer.  Repair Charge: Seller
 Replace Parts Charge: Seller
Lost during the delivery  30 days after shipping  Buyer: Submit proof to seller  New Product Cost: Seller
 Seller: Report to carrier ask for Claimant and arrange another shipment to buyer  Resend Ship Cost: Seller
Customs Problem  30 days after shipping  Buyer: Finish customs clearance for the order when import  Customs duties/agent fees: Buyer
 Seller: Try to help buyer to finish customs clearance but not responsible on this.
Delivery Problems:
broken, incomplete
 within 7 days after  receiving package  Buyer: Report to Seller, and submit Complaint with proof to Carrier in 7 days to get a  Complaint number and send the number to Seller. After the seller's permit, return the full  package in original condition to seller.
Caution: The Carrier will not accept Complaint after 7 days.
 Return Ship cost: Buyer
 Resend ship cost: Seller
 Seller: Ask for compensation as per the Complaint number from Carrier, not responsible for any losses after 7 days.  Repair or Replace Charge: Seller
Received wrong Items  within 7 days after  receiving package  Buyer: Report to Seller, and return the full package in original condition to seller in 7 days.  Return Ship cost: Seller
 Seller: Arrange shipment for the correct items  Resend Ship cost: Seller
Man-made Damage
Wrong operations
Wrong storage
 within 1 year  Buyer: Describe details to Seller, sign an agreement with seller for repairing.
 Seller: Evaluate the problem and offer advice before signing repairing agreement.
 Return Ship cost: Buyer
 Resend Ship cost: Buyer
 Repair Charge: Buyer
 Replace parts Charge: Buyer
Notes:  1. Any costs occurred because of buyer's fault leads to return for repair or replacement will be responsible by the buyers.
 2. Before return, please confirm with us. we will offer you a shipping address once confirmed the problem.
     Buyer will be responsible for any risks or costs of return without seller’s permission.
 3. Buyer needs to communicate with seller before return the items, or else we can't get them because of restrict Customs Policy.
 4. The Warranty Policy fits for all products except the products which state the warranty specially in description.

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